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Tree work can be hard, dangerous, and even overwhelming. Serenitree makes it easy, fast, and worry free. With our expert crew on the job, you can be at ease with your choice of Serenitree, no matter the task.

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About us


SereniTree palm and tree services offers high quality tree services on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. We safely cut out and haul dangerous limbs, coconuts, fronds, and trees from your property.

We are dedicated to safety, good work, and customer satisfaction!

We’re insured because we care about protecting our customers! It’s a nightmare when someone hires an uninsured tree service and something gets damaged or someone gets hurt! In addition to the damage done to the person or property, the home owner can be put into major financial trouble. With the insured professionals at Serenitree, you can breathe easy, knowing we’ve got you covered.

Taking a piece off your tree.
Giving you peace of mind.

Don’t live in fear of falling limbs, branches, or coconuts!

Trees can be a dangerous liability to you, your family, property, or neighbors.

We can help you keep them trimmed regularly or remove them if in a high liability zone.


Just Four of Our Many Tree Services!

Coconut Maintenance

Coconut trees can put people and property at serious risk of damage. We remove that risk with a quick trim and keep the tree looking healthy and beautiful too.

Tree Trimming / Pruning

We can keep your tree at a manageable size, whether you want to harvest fruit, beautify your place, improve tree health, or remove threatening limbs.

Tree Removal

From the unsighlty tree to the trees that pose a threat to a house or its inhabitants, whatever your reason for removal, we’ll do it safely and efficiently.

Stump Grinding

Stumps or roots sticking up in your lawn? Stump grinding will do the trick to remove them and make room for more plants or clear your yard for grass to grow over.

Our Customers

"Great company! Punctual and polite guys who offer by far the best rate for tree removal. They left the area completely cleared of all debris. We highly recommend this company.
Janice P.
Kailua, Hawaii
"Extremely heavy winds and rains caused our avocado tree to topple over.  We were worried that our 50 year old monster monkey pod might damage the roof or cars parked underneath.  Elias gave us a speedy proposal and a certificate proving that his company has insurance in case of damage during tree cutting.  They showed up as scheduled and proceeded to cut down all the overgrowth and dead limbs and haul away all the debris. They worked hard all day.  My husband was a so impressed that he insisted on paying them more than they asked for."
Kim M.
Honolulu, Hawaii
"Palm frond ended up falling on the neighbors car and shattering their windshield.  Needed someone fast...hardly anyone answered the phone or returned my call.  Finally found SereniTree.  Not only did Elias answer the phone, but he was available for a super last minute job.  Asked for pictures of the tree to give me a quote. Responded quickly with a reasonable figure.  Once I confirmed I wanted his services, he was at the house in ten minutes.  Took about an hour, did a really great job trimming, and thoroughly cleaned up and removed all debris.  Definitely recommend.."
Camille W.
Kailua, Hawaii

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